The best Red Diesel Prices Around for Emergency Red diesel !

Garden of Memories would like to say a massive thank you to New Era for our emergency red diesel delivery on the weekend. As well as providing the most cost efficient red diesel prices we have ever come across.
We had an extremely important job over the weekend that needed to be finished within the next few days, and when our cement mixer ran out of fuel we were in real need of an emergency red diesel delivery.
The customer had already gone over budget and really didn’t want to have to spend loads on a emergency red diesel delivery. We were pleasantly surprised when we saw the red diesel prices as they were really reasonable and the team were so professional and friendly.
So if you to come across an emergency red diesel disaster and you are looking for a reputable company with reasonable red diesel prices then New Era are the ones for you!


Red Diesel Prices

Garden of Memories Experience with Office LED Lighting and Motion Lighting Sensors

Garden of Memories most recent project was working with a customer who wanted to build a nice little office in the back of the garden. He wanted it to have a very calming and peaceful feel as this would be a place he would be spending a lot of his time in.

Once we built the office we then moved onto thinking about the lighting we would install. As it was an office we needed good lighting but as low maintenance as possible because our customer was a very busy man and wouldn’t have time for upkeep and maintenance.

We thought well about the lighting because it was the finishing touch that would truly enhance the whole look of the office. Garden of Memories had heard from a friend about Litenow’s retail LED lighting and how it hardly required any maintenance for their shop.

This got us wondering, after hearing such good reviews about retail LED lighting, as to whether they did office LED lighting. So we got in touch with Litenow and was pleasantly surprised when we found out they did!

Office LED lighting for our customers outside garden office was perfect, there was a range of different LED lightnings available so you could choose the ones that would best suite your environment. Not to mention they significantly reduce your energy costs and CO2 emissions.

They also offered the option of having motion lighting sensors, which can be very effective security wise as they will light up whenever a presence is detected. Our customer decided to get motion lighting sensors with the office LED lighting and he is over the moon with the results.

So thanks again Litenow we are extremely impressed with your services and would defiantly recommend you to our other customers looking for office LED lighting or motion lighting sensors in the future.

office LED lighting

After Work Drinks

One of the finest Restaurants in Fleet

After work is over it is time for the team and I to cool off and relax a bit more after a hard day landscaping.  We thought that it would be good to update you on a little gem of a place we found recently called the Exchequer, they are a fantastic bar fleet with plenty of outdoor space to socialise in.

Not only that but over the weekend I decided to take my wife Jan back for dinner so that we could see what their food is like, which of course smashed expectatons completely and made us think that they must be one of if not the best gastro pub hampshire has at the moment.

I know that word of mouth is everything but if you do have 5 minutes spare check you their website and see for yourself the relaxing atmosphere and fantastic menu choices.

I will certainly be going back again sometime soon.


Fantastic Builders Windsor

Recommendation for Builders Windsor

Whilst working upon clients gardening projects we often get asked about the possibility of having an outside space created like a conservatory where our customers can step out from into the amazing patio or decking project that we are creating for them. Unfortunately we don’t do this type of work however we know a range of great companies that we are often recommending our customers speak with for inspiration and ideas on costings etc for their building projects.

One recent customer was looking for a conservatory extension to their existing lounge and so was looking for a highly recommended firm of builders Windsor.

We often work very closely with another company called Jeff’s Toolbox who are specialist building contractors and work within the area our customers house is situated. Among the other services that they offer they are specialists in Flat and Loft Conversions, Extensions and Alterations but most importantly they use their own employed workmen and look after projects right from the start to the end.

Not only do they work within Windsor but they specialise in being the best builders Hounslow as well.

It is well worth getting in touch with them to talk about your projects, you can see the whole range of services that they provide by going to their website or calling on 01276 805 851.

Thank You to Landscape Gardeners Wokingham

I just wanted to say thank you to the boys at Landscape Gardeners Wokingham and Bracknell, for a great job they did on a friends garden.

This is there website.

The below is my friends comments:

We can’t thank you enough for the way our garden and front driveway has turned out.

What a great job, it really is a fantastic finish.

When we started our own ideas were patchy at best but you have, with your vision and expertise, managed to really bring them out to a level way beyond our imagination let alone expectation.

Because of the size of the project we where slightly nevous wen we started the project.  The scale of the landscape project was adventurous.

…but we should not have worried, the brick work upon the front driveway is really beautiful and when seen against the colourful back drop of trees and shrubs, it really is truly stunning.

The next decking (pictured in mid construction) is absolutely brilliant.

Gardeners Wokingham

The whole Landscape Gardeners Wokingham team worked solidly come rain or shine and I was most impressed with their professionalism and tidiness.

We have a garden that feels alive and bright whatever the season.

If you would like to visit there website the adress is below:

Thank you guys

James Franks – Bracknell, Berkshire

Spring Garden Review – blooming marvellous…

Well, well, well its already time for my start of Spring Garden Review, and here comes the spring flowers – blooming marvellous…

All across the South West and into the South East we are seeing the signs of spring rising early – Whoop!

The South West National Trust counted 1,345 flowers at 18 gardens in Devon and Cornwall, compared with 1,205 in 2014, which they put down to the ‘not so icy’ winter.

Great numbers but still far below the record of 3,335 in 2008, but who is counting? – well except for the National Trust of course!

Spring Garden Review

In my opinion, the warm weather last week has boosted things, I can see tulips, bluebells and snowdrops starting to appear

…and of course my personal favourite the daffodils which are showing their heads all along the side of my lane.

I can even see the start of the herbs new growth, with my chives plant starting to show its spiky head of hair.

All in all, spring is on the move and heading to the whole of the UK in the next few weeks, so dust off those garden gloves, and bang the mud off the bottom of them wellies and let’s get out there, because it is not waiting for you.

More from my Spring Garden Review as the seasons progresses.

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Gardener ReviewsWelcome to Garden of  Memories, we have put together this blog to share our ideas, thoughts fashions and styles for gardeners both in the UK (home) and far further afield.

We hope you like it.

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