Spring Garden Review – blooming marvellous…

Well, well, well its already time for my start of Spring Garden Review, and here comes the spring flowers – blooming marvellous…

All across the South West and into the South East we are seeing the signs of spring rising early – Whoop!

The South West National Trust counted 1,345 flowers at 18 gardens in Devon and Cornwall, compared with 1,205 in 2014, which they put down to the ‘not so icy’ winter.

Great numbers but still far below the record of 3,335 in 2008, but who is counting? – well except for the National Trust of course!

Spring Garden Review

In my opinion, the warm weather last week has boosted things, I can see tulips, bluebells and snowdrops starting to appear

…and of course my personal favourite the daffodils which are showing their heads all along the side of my lane.

I can even see the start of the herbs new growth, with my chives plant starting to show its spiky head of hair.

All in all, spring is on the move and heading to the whole of the UK in the next few weeks, so dust off those garden gloves, and bang the mud off the bottom of them wellies and let’s get out there, because it is not waiting for you.

More from my Spring Garden Review as the seasons progresses.

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